Hawaii Health Information (HHI) is a free, online, free, mobile, searchable, and downloadable health information source for the Hawaiian Islands and the surrounding area.

The information is provided by Hawaii Department of Health and Welfare (HDPW) and includes health, disease, and hospital records, as well as information about Hawaii’s medical and nursing system, such as hospital visitation and appointments, medical records and tests, prescription medication, and dental services.

The health information service is offered by an international, community-based, and nonprofit organization.

HHI is a collaboration between the Hawaii Department and the National Health Information Center (NHIC) and is licensed under a variety of federal and state laws.

Hawaiian Health information is free for non-commercial use.

H HI provides access to Hawaiian Health and medical records through a wide range of means, including electronic services such as email and web applications, the Hawaiian Health Privacy Act (HPHPA), and an online database.

Hawaiians are encouraged to download and use the service to gain information that is relevant to their health.

HHP provides information on health care delivery, health care utilization, patient care, and medical and dental records to individuals, health plans, providers, and other organizations, including government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The service is free to Hawaii residents, with a limit of one HHI report per person per day.

H HP provides a free website for visitors to access the information.