The Phi app has now been ported to the new Apple Watch and Android Wear watches.

The app is currently available in the Apple Watch app store, and it will be available to download for Google’s Android Wear devices, too.

Phi Health is a premium health app that provides a free, comprehensive set of health information for all kinds of ailments and conditions, including viral, bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

It’s also designed to help you find a health professional to treat your specific needs, such as pain and fever, if you have any.

The software comes with a set of easy-to-use templates and a comprehensive, personalized user guide, along with information on how to find a doctor, which medical specialty your problem is, and how to navigate your healthcare system.

The Phi Health app was initially only available on the Apple watch.

Since the AppleWatch launch in June, the app has been available for Android Wear, the Google Android Wear watch, and the Microsoft Windows phone.

The Android Wear app is a companion app for the Google Assistant, which is the voice assistant for Android phones, tablets, and computers.

The Microsoft Windows Phone app is also available on Android Wear.

While the Google app will still work on the Google Watch, the Phi watch app will also work on both Android and Windows devices.

The Phip Health app is only available for iPhone, but Android Wear apps will work on iOS devices as well.

There is no Android Wear support for Phi health apps, so users will need to purchase a Phi Watch app if they want to use the Google watch app on iOS.

Android Wear users can purchase the Phip Watch app on Apple’s App Store for $1.99 or $3.99 for a limited time.

The Google Play store will not be available until July.

For more information about the Phiph Health app, check out our article on the app.