By Reuters HealthHealth information in the Google News feed has been the subject of a lot of criticism in recent years.

But what you get in your inbox and on the newsstand is often the exact same information as what you’d find on a local news website or in a local newspaper.

Google has responded to this criticism by creating a new feed that makes the Google newsfeed look like a local paper.

It also makes the feed look like the local newspaper by removing the Google logo and adding the words “newsstand” and “local” to the end of the title.

This new feed is a first step in a long process of reform.

The new feed has three main changes.

It makes it easier to find news in your local newspaper, and it makes it easy to find information from local sources, such as local governments.

In addition, the feed will include more local news content, which should help users in more places understand the news.

A lot of the criticism of Google News stems from a perception that it’s a spam feed, where news is spread through automated bots, and that it doesn’t make sense to have Google’s news feed in the same way as a local website or newspaper.

But Google News is just one part of Google’s effort to improve its user experience.

Google has been experimenting with ways to improve the speed of searches, and has also invested in making the search results that users see on Google more relevant.