An hour before the scheduled end of the workday, the hospital’s operations director, Dr. Avi Gittin, is ready to begin the daily operations.

Gittins, whose father was the hospital director in the late 1970s, said he had been working long hours for almost two weeks.

“I’m tired,” he said.

“We’re trying to make ends meet, but we’re getting by.”

“We’re getting to the end of a hard day, but it’s only been a day.

We’re not going to quit,” Gittinn said.

The hospital is running a few extra surgeries, Gittina said, but they will be closed to patients and employees on Tuesday.

“If the patient gets sick and they are very ill, they will need to be transferred to another hospital.

We’ll have to take care of the patient for that period,” he added.

The hospital has no other doctors in the neighborhood, and Gittini’s father worked there as a surgeon for more than 50 years.

“He’s been here for 40 years.

He was a doctor, a surgeon, a technician,” Gitta said.

Gittin said he has not yet decided whether he will continue to work for the hospital or join his father in the private sector.

“If he wants to stay, I’ll do my best to work with him,” Gittle said.

Gittini said he does not want to be a burden on the community.

“My father is here.

He will be here,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

“There are people that are dying here, but I want to keep the community safe.”