The animal rights group Animal Equality has published a report entitled “Why pitbull Health Information is Unhealthy” and argues that the health information sheet on the US version of the app, which allows users to track the health status of their dog and their pets, is not accurate and misleading.

The app also includes links to information on animal cruelty, animal cruelty training, and pet welfare training.

The animal equality report says that the app’s description of how to track pitbull’s health should be more specific, noting that the dogs “are not known to be as intelligent as dogs.”

The app is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and it was made available on the App Store for the first time on Tuesday.

The report’s authors also argued that the US app should be updated with a more accurate description of the health measures a pet can have, and that the animals should be “treated like humans.”

The Israeli version of this app, called Pet-Friendly Israel, also includes the same information as the US and Israeli versions, and the app also has links to its pet welfare program.

The Israeli app, Pet-Safe Israel, does not have an official app version, but it has a separate section on its site that shows users the health statistics of all of its dogs.

The US version has no specific health information and instead includes links for health information on dog owners and pet health insurance providers.

“We’re still waiting for an official US version to come out and we’re still going to ask the US government for an update on that, and hopefully they’ll be out before too long,” said Dr. Avi Fierman, an Israeli veterinary health specialist and a researcher at the Herzliya University of Veterinary Medicine.

Fiermans group is currently working on a paper to present its findings on the health of pitbull puppies.

A spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association, which represents more than 300,000 veterinary medical doctors, told The Jerusalem Mail that it has not received a response from the US Department of Agriculture, nor does it comment on individual medical issues.

In a statement, the American Animal Hospital Association, a group of veterinary hospitals that represent some of the largest and most well-known veterinary hospitals in the US, did not respond to a request for comment.

The Health Insurance Commission of the United States, which oversees insurance companies that provide medical and dental benefits for dogs and cats, did have a response to the Animal Equality report, but did not provide additional information about its process for assessing the health or welfare of dogs and cat owners.


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