HealthCare has been hit with a cyberattack in the past few weeks that could potentially compromise the health insurance website.

The website has been offline for the past week.

The problem is the cyberattack has also compromised the security of millions of personal health information stored in the website.

According to a report from Symantec, health information can be stolen or compromised by hackers who can steal health data.

The attack has been reported to law enforcement authorities.

The health information has included names, addresses, birth dates, and other sensitive information.

The report also claims that HealthCare could be compromised due to the use of the same credentials across different health plans.

According the report, the attackers are able to change passwords on HealthCare accounts, so that the personal information can’t be recovered by hackers.

The attackers also may have access to user information, which is then transmitted to the health insurers.

It is believed that the attackers have already obtained data from some of the health plans through social engineering, according to the report.

The Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) has reportedly told the press that the department has been monitoring the situation and will investigate the matter further.

However, a source with knowledge of the matter told CNBC, that they were not able to provide any information on the attack.

If the health information of some of our customers is compromised, we have a duty to notify the customers and the health insurer and will take appropriate action, said DHFS spokesperson.

A senior official from the Department of IT told CNBC that the security breach has not impacted their network.

The official, who asked not to be named, added that the government has notified the health plan owners of the incident and are actively investigating.

It was reported by CNN that the breach may have impacted at least 50 million individuals.

The cyberattack on was reported to have been started by a Russian intelligence agency.

It has been estimated that the Russian government is behind the attack as well.

The breach could affect up to 100 million individuals, according the report from CNET.

The data could be accessed by hackers with access to information from private health plans, according The Hill.

According a report by CNN, the cyber attack on is being traced to a group calling itself the ‘Russian Stolen Election Information’.

The group is believed to have access the hacked documents from the Office of the Federal Register.

The hack could potentially affect the data of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions people.

The incident has prompted many to question the accuracy of the personal health data stored on the HealthCare website.

While the health care website has already suffered several security breaches over the past several years, this latest attack may have serious consequences for the healthcare sector.

According it, the attack could potentially put the entire healthcare industry at risk.

The information that is stored on Health Care has been used to identify potential employees of healthcare providers and to protect the security and privacy of individuals.

A source told CNN that many people have lost their insurance after a cyber attack, which may also impact the healthcare industry.


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