Pipeda is a health information website that helps the public understand health issues, as well as their treatment options.

It also provides links to other health resources like medical information and a portal for health practitioners. 

The site aims to improve healthcare in the country, and the site was launched on September 4, 2016. 

Its website includes an online portal, which allows the user to access health information from health providers, doctors and health care facilities. 

On September 11, 2016, the website went offline. 

However, the government did make a statement on the issue, saying, “Health data is a commodity and should be made available to the public.

The portal will be made public on the website as soon as it is available.” 

The government did not specify the reason for the site’s shutdown. 

In its statement, the Ministry of Health said, “The government has taken the decision to block the website.

We have made it clear to all concerned to ensure the health of the people is not affected.

We will ensure that all the data on the portal is available through our website in a timely manner.” 

As per the website’s website, there are six categories of services available on the site: (a) Health services: Health related services, medical consultations, diagnostic tests, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

(b) Public health services: Healthcare services that can be accessed by the general public, and for people who do not have a health insurance card. 

Healthcare providers include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, government hospitals, private hospitals, and private clinics. 

 (c) Family planning services: Medical, dental, and prescription services for women, as part of their healthcare and reproductive health. 

Medical practitioners include gynecologists, psychiatrists, and dentists. 

Doctors include general practitioners, nurses, physician assistants, physician assistant surgeons, physician registrars, and clinical psychologists. 

Cases and cases reports are available on this site. 

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