Health Information (India), the government agency tasked with maintaining and updating the country’s health information system, is launching an initiative aimed at curbing health misinformation and misperceptions.

Health Information will be the first national health information platform to include a dashboard of its own.

The platform is aimed at addressing the common misconception that India is a country where people are sick, where the government takes away your medical insurance and where all of this information is confidential.

It will also provide people with the ability to access data on health services they are entitled to through the health insurance system.

According to a release, the project will aim to eliminate the need for patients to get medical records to verify that they are getting proper care.

The health information dashboard will be available to anyone who wants to verify their health status, including people who are enrolled in an insurance plan, who are not receiving any medical treatment or who have been denied medical treatment.

The Health Information platform will provide real-time access to the latest data on medical and health care.

The platform will also help people make informed decisions about their health.

The portal will also include a comprehensive collection of relevant data and tools to provide people a better understanding of their health, the release said.