New Zealand has announced a plan to adopt the canine-friendly pet and pet food brands for its general health and wellness services.

The move is a response to a spike in dog bites in recent years, particularly among the city’s indigenous communities.

In March, New Zealand had a record year in dog attacks, according to a survey by the Animal Welfare Institute.

The country has one of the world’s highest dog bite rates, but it has had no shortage of health experts, politicians and veterinarians to speak out against the problem.

In the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says that only about one percent of dogs are healthy and safe for their owners.

Pit Bulls, on the other hand, are commonly considered a more humane and healthy alternative to other pets.

“Pit Bulls are not dangerous, but they are not friendly and don’t always have the best manners,” New Zealand Agriculture Minister Mark Tami says.

“They’re not the best companion.

So we’ve decided to put them into the UK.

It’s a bit like adopting a dog from another country and making them your own.

It allows you to choose your own lifestyle.”

Tami and the Ministry of Health have been meeting with health experts in order to understand what’s happening with Pit Bulls in New Zealand.

Pit Bull owners have been complaining about the lack of health and safety education and safety standards in the country, and that Pit Bulls have been found in the streets, in cars, and even in schools.

According to the Ministry, New Zildjian is the only country in the world where there’s been a steady rise in the number of Pit Bulls being sold and used by residents.

“I’m pleased to say that there’s a plan in place to make Pit Bulls available for purchase, which will be a big step forward in improving the health and welfare of our population,” Tami said.

“The government will also be providing additional resources to support Pit Bull adoption, and our Health and Safety Commissioner has been working closely with us on this.”

Pit Bull-loving New Zealanders have been protesting the country’s policies for years.

“You can’t tell me I’m not going to be eating a dog.

But I think the government needs to take a look at this and say ‘OK, let’s see if this can be done better,'” one resident said in February.

“It’s a shame they’re using the excuse of public health to justify what is really a public health emergency.

This is a public service issue.”

New Zealand also has one dog, a six-year-old Maltese, and has the highest dog ownership rate in the United Kingdom, according the UK Dog Care Association.

Pit bulls are not considered pets, and it is illegal in the UK to own them, according Animal Rights Campaign Executive Director Nick Cundy.

“If they’re pets, it’s a pet, so if you have to buy one and you’re allowed to buy a dog, you should have the right to do it,” he said.

However, New South Wales Police Minister Catherine King said that the government was taking action.

“We have had reports of Pit Bull attacks in the past, and this will be our first action to deal with the problem,” she said.