The latest in a series of data breaches that have put the health care industry in a precarious position, forcing thousands of doctors to turn to app-based platforms like HealthTap.

HealthTap is the largest health app platform in the United States, and it has seen its users flock to the platform after the hack on its network on May 5, 2016, which took the life of a nurse.

The company says that it has taken a number of steps to address the problem, including releasing a public apology and a new mobile app that includes a video tutorial that explains how to set up a HealthTap account.

In the meantime, users are finding that they can no longer access the app’s internal services, like doctors, or enroll patients.

Instead, users have been forced to use a number, like their health data, to access the doctor’s records.

HealthInfoNow is a third-party app that also connects to the health information network.

But the company says its app has been taken down from the App Store after a breach last year.

In response, HealthInfoNow CEO Alex Mancuso said in a blog post that the company is working with other providers, like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), to provide the full details of its app’s breach.

Mancusomos blog post said HealthInfoNOW is working to provide users with an explanation of how the app was compromised, as well as details of how to reset their password to recover their account.

It also said that the app has already started sending notifications to its userbase and has made improvements to ensure that users don’t need to sign in to their HealthInfo Now account to get access to the company’s doctors and hospitals.

However, Mancoso said that in the meantime the company will be offering free downloads to all its users for the next week.

Mascuso also said in the post that HealthInfoOne, a company that has a separate app for doctors, will be providing the same information for free.

Miscarriage, Cancer, and Diabetes are the four most common causes of death in the U.S.

A spokesperson for the American Medical Association (AMA), the professional organization that represents more than 200,000 doctors, told Mashable that the AMA is aware of HealthTap’s recent breach.

The AMA has called on HealthTap to provide full transparency about the data breach and to provide information about how it plans to address it.

“We urge HealthTap and HealthInfo to immediately take steps to make clear to our members and to the broader health care ecosystem that the privacy and security of patients’ health data is of paramount importance,” the AMA wrote in a statement to Mashable.

“Additionally, we are asking for information about the extent to which HealthTap will cooperate with law enforcement authorities in an investigation of this breach.”

While it is not clear whether HealthTap or HealthInfoNext will be sharing any of its data with law-enforcement, a spokesperson for HealthTap said in an email to Mashables that it is working closely with law agencies on the matter.