A health information information fraud scare has hit Australia and it’s causing concern among those who work in the field.

Key points:A group of health professionals in the United States say they’re worried by a health care fraud scam that is affecting their businessesThe scam involves the theft of personal health information and is threatening to damage the reputation of many of the world’s leading health systemsThe scam is threatening the reputation and health of the US healthcare systemThe scam has affected the health care system and even forced health care providers to shut down for several daysThe group of professionals, who are all Australian-based, have been approached by members of the U.S. healthcare community who are concerned about the scam.

“I have to tell you that we’re getting emails all the time from people saying, ‘I don’t want to hear any more’,” one of the health professionals said.

“People are very concerned and they’re saying, well, I just want to be able to say that the fraud is over.”

We are hearing from people all around the world that they are having issues with it and that they’re very worried about it and we’ve had quite a few emails from people around the country saying that the scam is very serious and it is threatening their health.”‘

A real concern’There are currently four different health care companies that offer personal health data to companies around the globe.

Each of these companies has its own privacy policy and safeguards in place to protect personal health info.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule was designed to prevent health care workers from being tricked into providing personal health and medical information to companies, but the scam may be able find its way into health care systems across the world.”

It’s definitely a real concern,” one of these health professionals told ABC News.”

One of the main things that we do is we have a very good relationship with our international colleagues in the health industry and we’re very keen to do our part and protect their health information.”‘

The healthcare industry is doing the right thing’HIPAA Privacy Act was designed so that the health and safety of individuals and the health system can be guaranteed.”

They’re not going to be compromised by any of the information they’re collecting,” the health professional said.

A spokesperson for the Australian Privacy Commissioner (APC), which is the body that regulates the Australian privacy laws, said the APC would be liaising with the US Department of Health (DOH) on the issue.”

The Australian Privacy Commission is investigating and will make its findings public in due course,” the spokesperson said.ABC News contacted the Department of Education (DE) for comment but was told it had no comment.