Digital health information is now a personal assistant that can help you stay healthier.

The World Health Organization’s digital health committee said on Wednesday it will develop a new standard that will make it easier to share health information, including data on vaccinations and blood tests, with digital assistants like Fitbit, Cortana, and others.

The WHO committee also said it wants to create a new certification process that would allow doctors and nurses to certify digital health services and make sure they comply with health care regulations.

The new standard will cover everything from digital health data to monitoring and diagnosis of conditions like heart disease and diabetes to the creation of personalized medicine tailored to a patient’s needs, the WHO said in a statement.

It will also address issues like privacy, data privacy and health data management.

The digital health community is already in a hurry to create their own personalized medical care products, including virtual reality, but the WHO expects to create an international standard for digital health care, according to the statement.

The standard will take into account digital health technology, including devices like Fitbits and wearable technology, the statement said.