Health experts and public health officials are calling on Americans to think more critically about the role that sugar is playing in their health.

Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a news conference Wednesday that sugar contributes to chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

“The number one reason why Americans are dying is diabetes,” Frieden said.

“If you’re overweight, you’re going to get sick, and if you’re diabetic, you can get sick as well.

The new study also looked at a different set of potential culprits. “

It’s become the norm, and it’s an epidemic that we have to change,” he said.

The new study also looked at a different set of potential culprits.

People who ate a diet high in sugars — mostly white bread and pasta — had a higher risk of death from heart disease and diabetes, but not from diabetes, according to a separate study published in the journal The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology on Wednesday.

The study is the first to link dietary patterns to these health outcomes, according a news release from the American Heart Association.

Another study, published in December in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that high levels of sugar consumption had a significant negative impact on survival rates in the elderly.

There is also some evidence that sugar can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.

As part of the new study, the researchers analyzed data from more than 6,000 people over an average of 13 years.

The researchers compared the rates of heart disease death among people who had high levels in the diet with those who had low levels.

While the study found that people with higher levels of sugars had a lower risk of dying from heart diseases and diabetes compared to people who ate the same amount of food, the authors noted that the association was not entirely clear.

More information: The American Heart Institute says the link to diabetes is likely due to a complex mix of factors.

In a statement, the organization said: “The link between eating sugars and diabetes is well-documented and is well supported by studies that have found links between eating sugar and a range of health outcomes.

It’s important to note that this link is strongest in white bread, pasta, refined grains, and processed foods, where sugars are typically found.

Other food groups, such like milk and eggs, have similar links, the statement said.

The association is the largest, and the largest epidemiological study to date to look at the link, said Anthony Fauci, the lead author of the study.

He noted that because the link is more robust among people with more diabetes, the health risks associated with eating a higher sugar diet are likely even greater.

If people are eating the diet that’s leading to the obesity epidemic, there is a very good chance they are eating more sugar than they should,” Fau, director at the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the NIH, told ABC News.

“We need to stop eating more than we should.”

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the American Diabetes Association.