The tech industry’s obsession with the idea of health information is the biggest obstacle to innovation and growth, and it’s going to get worse.

And it’s a huge one, because people are already worried about data breaches, they’re worried about privacy and security, and they’re also worried about whether they can trust their health data to companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

It’s not just about technology, but about what the data they’re collecting is used for.

If you’ve ever wondered if your personal health information might be used against you, that’s the problem.

But what’s more worrisome is how much data it might contain.

We’ve learned that health information can be very valuable in helping us understand our own bodies and how our bodies function, but it can also be incredibly valuable for businesses.

And that’s where we’re headed, and we’re going to have to do better to protect our privacy.

The tech world has gotten quite good at hiding its true intentions.

This story originally appeared on Recode.