How to know if you’ve received misleading health-related health information.

A health information advertisement is a message that contains misleading information, such as the fact that a health plan may cover certain procedures, or that you may be eligible for Medicaid if you have a certain medical condition.

An alternative health information ad is one that is not accompanied by a health information banner, like a medical card or a policy that requires you to buy insurance.

A spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics told The Associated Press that the AP’s questions about the ads were based on the AP finding that many parents had already signed up for insurance plans before they were contacted by the ads.

The AAP said it will investigate.

“We’re concerned about the potential harm to parents and to the community,” said Nancy Riechmann, a spokesperson for pediatricians for the AAP.

“It’s important that people know what their options are.”

For parents, it can be especially challenging to make sure they’re getting accurate information.

Parents of children younger than 5 can sign up for health information by calling 1-800-318-1636, visiting and then choosing the Health Information Agency option.

The agency will then direct you to a website that offers you the information.

Some parents can find out the number of health insurance plans that cover certain medical procedures at, while others can find information about coverage options at www