Health Canada’s latest data shows a lot of people are getting their first shots for the HPV vaccine.

But the numbers show they are just one of many reasons why the number of people who have received their first shot may be declining.

Health Canada is encouraging people to check the HPV test results to see if they are eligible for a free shot.

If they are, it will help them decide whether to get the vaccine, and it will be an important factor in deciding whether to use the vaccine.

People who don’t get the shot will still need to be tested, but it will not count toward their vaccination eligibility.

A free shot is also a way for people who are not eligible for the vaccine to get a shot that is free to the public.

People in certain provinces will not have to get vaccinated at all, even if they have not previously had the shot.

But if you live in Nova Scotia, or New Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrador, you should get the vaccination anyway.

The vaccine is recommended for people aged 15 to 49 who live in any of these provinces, or who are at least four months younger than you.