Here’s the list of the 10 most misleading health info websites in Australia, and the five worst ones:Health Info Australia has a history of misleading health care information on the web.

The company has previously been accused of misleading the public about the effectiveness of its anti-cancer screening tests, and has since been accused by the Australian Medical Association of misleading patients about the safety of its “co-pays and co-insurance” plan.

In 2015, Health Info Australia was fined $15,000 by the Federal Court after failing to disclose that some of its cancer screening tests would not help patients detect the disease.

In response to the fines, Health Information Australia changed its website to better reflect the results of the tests.

But it still failed to explain why some of the testing methods could be more effective than others.

In 2016, the company also changed its privacy policy to allow patients to opt out of receiving a list of tests and treatments.

In addition, the website now allows users to opt-in to be notified of upcoming clinical trials, but does not inform them if they have been selected to participate.

A year later, the site still failed its customers, and Health Info Australian was fined another $15k.

In May 2018, Health Health Australia admitted to the Federal Government that it had misled customers about its drug coverage.

In September 2018, it was reported that Health Info Health Services was being investigated by the Victorian Attorney-General’s Department for misleading patients, including about the cost of its services.

In March 2019, Health infohealth was also accused of misrepresenting the effectiveness and safety of a new drug for people with a range of serious medical conditions, including cancer.

It was also found that the company had failed to inform customers about the need to obtain a pre-approval from their GP before starting the trial.

In April 2019, it emerged that Health infoinfohealth had misled consumers about its coverage for certain cancer screening and treatment tests, including the “coverage for life”.

Health Info Health was fined by the State of Victoria in February 2019 for misleading consumers about the price of its tests and treatment, and it also faced a criminal investigation by the Department of Health in February 2020.

The Federal Government fined Health Info Australasia $35,000 in January 2019, and another $50,000 was later imposed on Health Info Info Australia for misleading its customers.