California Health Information, a state health information organization, recently released its 2017 State Food Safety Report.

The report found that California is the only state that has a “high” or “very high” food safety score.

The average score in California is 94.

The state has a score of 93, the worst in the country.

Here’s what the data showed:California ranked in the top 10 of food safety measures for each of the five health categories (in order):foodborne illness,foodborne disease outbreaks, foodborne illness outbreaks associated with foodborne contaminants, and foodborne foodborne illnesses.

In the past, California had a “good” foodsafety score of 83.

It scored better than other states in several categories.

For example, the state ranked well above the national average for foodborne outbreaks associated by contaminants in its food supply (76).

The state also ranked in line with the national averages for food safety and food-borne illness (72).

The report ranked California as the “top state in the nation for food-safety compliance.”

Foodborne illnesses linked to foodborne contaminationThe report also found that the state had an overall good food safety rating for food poisoning.

California ranks well above average for the number of foodborne cases linked to contamination.

The state’s food-pest and food poisoning health department reported more than 6,000 food-related food poisoning cases in 2017.

This is the third year in a row that the department has reported that the number was more than twice the national norm.

California has also had at least one case of food-specific food poisoning in 2017, according to the department.

California had more food-sensitivity cases in 2018 than any other state, according the department, which also noted that the country has experienced an uptick in food-contamination-related deaths.

The department also noted a high rate of food poisoning incidents linked to contaminated produce, such as in California, the report found.

California ranked well below the national median of 7.3 food-poisoning cases per 100,000 people, the lowest in the US.

The California Department of Public Health reported the highest rate of the nation at 11.5 cases per 10,000.

California ranked near the bottom of the list of states with the highest rates of food contamination and deaths linked to contaminating foods.

This ranking is particularly notable in light of California’s recent “superfoods” labeling law, which allows restaurants to label products with more than one food contaminant, including gluten, sugar, milk, dairy and eggs.

California was in the middle of the pack in terms of food allergies.

The department reported that about 1 in 10 Californians have at least a food allergy.

The prevalence of allergies in California has decreased significantly over the past decade, the department noted.

However, the overall ranking of the state remained above the average for states with higher levels of food allergy prevalence.

California also ranked near-the bottom of states in terms for food allergy deaths, the most of any state.

This was largely due to the fact that many of the states with fewer deaths associated with allergy were also among the top states in the United States for death associated with allergen-related conditions.

California had the highest number of deaths associated in 2017 with allergies, which was a decrease from the previous year, according a study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This indicates that more people are being diagnosed with allergies and have more severe reactions to food allergies in the past few years.

The overall ranking is also higher than the national trend.

California’s score of 9.1 deaths per 100 of population for 2017 is slightly lower than the average of 10.3 deaths per 1,000 population for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

California has the lowest number of reported food-safe food-contact illnesses, which includes foodborne contact, in the world.

According to the report, in 2017 California reported 2,927 food-disinfection-related illnesses.

This means that California had fewer than 10% of the food- contact illnesses reported in the rest of the world in 2017 and was the only one of the 50 states with no reported food safety incidents.

This report is part of a larger project of The Wall St. Journal and the California Health information Network that seeks to improve the quality of California food safety information.

It is not a substitute for health professionals’ experience.


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