NZ Health Minister Peter Dunne has thanked a Goldendoodles supporter who received a gift of a new dog for raising the Government’s profile and giving the dog a new life.

Key points: The NZ Government is donating a Goldandoodle to help with emergency health information and information education for the elderlyPeople are being encouraged to share their stories with the Government and the communityAbout 6,000 Goldendodoes have been donated to New Zealand in the past 12 months to help the country better understand the elderly and those with chronic conditions.

Health Minister Peter Dutton thanked Dr Peter Sorensen, who is a Goldindoodle owner, and Dr Andrew McGlade, the owner of Goldendodo, for their help.

The Goldendoda puppy was named for Mr Dunne’s late grandfather who died in 2014.

Mr Dunne said the dog had been a huge hit with the public, with more than 500,000 Facebook likes.

“It has been an absolute delight to have had Goldendods’ support this year and I am so proud to have it,” Mr Dunning said.

He said Goldendollos were often seen roaming the streets of Wellington.

The Government said it was grateful for the support of the community and its partners, the National Government and Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, for donating the dog.

Prime Minister Bill English said the Government would be working hard to help New Zealanders who needed to access information about chronic illnesses.

But he said the government was committed to continuing to promote and fund the Goldendoglous program to help those in need.

“We have been able to make that happen through the efforts of a huge number of people across the country, so we know the Goldends can do what they do best, they are wonderful dogs, they get a lot of attention and they are very well liked,” Mr English said.


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