In a new report released on Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is spending $1.1 billion to develop and purchase a new tool for managing data on pollution and climate change.

The EPA will use the new technology to identify the types of data it should collect and to plan for how to use them.

It is a first step towards the agency’s long-term goal of making sure that data collected by its scientists is being used for its missions, the EPA said.

The tool is part of an overall effort to modernize and modernize EPA data systems.

The new tool, known as the Data Management Framework, will help the agency make the best use of its existing data resources to make data more efficient and better use of existing data.

The framework is being developed with the input of over 70 federal, state, local, and private organizations.

The federal government will contribute up to $400 million, according to a news release.

The document, entitled “Data Management Framework: A New Tool to Identify the Types of Data,” was produced by the EPA’s Office of Data Management (ODM).

The EPA is the third federal agency to invest in data management.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration announced that it would spend $1 billion on data management, including more than $300 million for a data center.

In March, the Trump Administration announced $1 million to help build data management capabilities at EPA headquarters.

The Trump Administration also announced a $1,000 grant to a nonprofit organization to improve the data management tools the agency has on its website.

The data management framework, which will be used by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is designed to support the EPA in its mission of managing its own data.

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