Canada’s provincial and territorial health departments have issued a warning to consumers who want to track the health care outcomes of people across the country.

The warnings come as the federal government prepares to unveil the new health-care system it hopes to roll out in 2021.

Health Canada is encouraging consumers to use the national and provincial health information systems in Canada and to contact local health departments to track outcomes.

The agency said its systems will not be a substitute for a national system of monitoring health care providers.

The warning is part of the government’s efforts to modernize Canada’s public health system, which is widely seen as the only viable way to monitor and track health outcomes.

Its aim is to deliver better, more timely health information and better health outcomes, said Paul Gaudreau, chief executive officer of the Health Canada, in a video message Monday.

It is a huge leap forward for Canada.

The Canadian Health Act has been in place for nearly 70 years, and we have been very successful at delivering a system that delivers quality health care, said Gaud, in an interview.