How to use the Obgyn Fact Checker

On Sunday night, Donald Trump tweeted that he “didn’t do a lot of work for the Obamas,” after former president Barack Obama told Fox News in September that he’d “never seen such poor work ethic and lack of interest in his duties as president.”

The statement was interpreted by many as a swipe at the Obams and a sign of Trump’s disdain for the presidency.

Now, according to an analysis of the president’s Twitter posts from, the Obamas had no intention of leaving their jobs.

In fact, according the website, they were in the process of leaving and were planning on returning to the White House in the coming months.

Here’s how FactCheck found that the Obama family was actually planning to stay in the White Capitol.

Trump’s tweet was retweeted more than 8,500 times.

The tweets came from more than 300 different accounts, with a majority of them being retweets of the former president’s tweets.

FactCheck identified the tweet that the president claimed was the source of his tweet, as it came from a Facebook post by Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.

“I just wanted to say to you all that we will be staying at the White house,” Ivanka Trump wrote on April 11, 2017.

“Our family is committed to the presidency and we look forward to doing what we do best.”

She added that she would be “coming home to the family home soon.”

The tweet that was the first to receive attention was sent by Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump in response to a tweet from former Vice President Joe Biden.

The tweet was sent just two days after Biden announced he would be leaving the White Senate and headed to Pennsylvania to serve as a surrogate for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“It is with great sadness and a great deal of regret that we are leaving the Presidency of the United States,” Biden wrote.

“The time has come to seek treatment for a life-threatening condition, but I know we can come together and find a way forward together.”

In the following day, the vice president tweeted: “It has been an honor and privilege to serve the people of Delaware and to serve our country.

But the time has finally come for me to put my life and my family’s future into the hands of those I love the most.”

In his tweets, Trump said Biden was “a great person” who “served and led the country with honor and integrity,” and added: “He did a lot to make the country great.

I can only hope that he never has to go through what I have.”

The Obamas’ departure was initially announced on March 4, five days before the election, but the former President’s tweet did not surface until May 11, six days before he left office.

In that tweet, Trump called Biden “a good man and a true friend,” and praised his wife, Michelle, for “making him the great president he always dreamed of being.”

Biden, in turn, wrote on Twitter: “I thank you for the incredible support and the wonderful words of encouragement.

You are a true patriot.

You will be missed.”

In an interview with ABC News in May, Trump praised Biden as “a very talented man and politician.”

“He was always a great politician.

He was always very, very smart,” Trump said.

“He never had a real problem.”

In September, the White Hill Hotel in Washington, D.C., was used as a backdrop for the first Vice President Biden photo op since leaving the Oval Office.

Biden’s campaign was preparing for the former vice president to make his first visit to the city.

But by the time the campaign made its final preparations, the hotel had already been transformed into a venue for the vice presidential campaign.

On September 11, as Biden prepared to travel to the Obambys’ hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Trump tweeted: I want to thank my friends in Wilmington, Del., for the great job the Vice President has done with Wilmington.

But I know they are going to need all the help they can get.

We will see you in Wilmington soon!

The next day, Biden visited the city of Wilmington to meet with local residents and lawmakers, as well as attend a rally to rally support for the Wilmington mayor, Joe Moscato.

He had a busy day that day, as he traveled to a rally for the mayor and several of his supporters in Wilmington.

Biden was spotted meeting with a small group of local residents in Wilmington on September 12.

He told a crowd of more than 2,000 people that he had met with the residents “many times” in Wilmington during his time in office, including with the mayor, and that he would continue to do so.

Biden told the crowd that the town was “really important” to him, and said that “the mayor has done a fantastic job in terms of making sure that everybody in Wilmington has been able to get back on

Why do people still think it’s possible to get cancer when it’s not?

Health and safety is an important issue for us all, especially as more and more of our personal information is being made available online.

But it’s also a concern for those of us who care about the health and wellbeing of people in the UK, especially when it comes to our sexual health.

As the UK prepares for the Christmas period when it can expect a record number of new cases of cancer, a new survey by Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Cancer Research England (CRE) has found that sexual health is a huge concern for people who are sexually active.

The results are based on responses from more than 100,000 people, including over 2.6 million in England, Scotland and Wales.

These figures suggest that sexual activity can have a significant impact on people’s chances of developing cancer.

Sexual health research can be a difficult and sometimes frightening subject, and the survey was conducted by CRUK and CRE as part of the Sexual Health for All campaign.

The study’s findings were analysed by researchers from the University of Cambridge’s School of Public Health and Health Policy.

The findings reveal that women are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer than men.

For men, the rate of cancer is 3.7 times higher than for women, but this is lower than in previous studies, suggesting that this could be a result of the increased number of sexual partners.

There are some differences in risk factors, such as a history of breast cancer, but there are no differences in how the cancers are diagnosed, diagnosed and treated.

The researchers also found that men are more likely to have a higher number of partners and sexual partners than women.

There is a significant difference between the number of lifetime partners and lifetime cancers, with a higher risk for men.

The survey found that women’s overall risk of breast and prostate cancer was lower than that for men, with the rate for men slightly higher than that of women.

It’s also important to remember that sexual relationships and the risks they can bring can vary greatly depending on many factors, including the individual’s age, weight, health, ethnicity, socio-economic status and level of education.

In general, women who are in relationships with more than one partner have a slightly higher risk of cancer than women who have a single partner, with women who had more than two partners having a lower risk of the disease.

But there is a clear difference in the number and risk of women who develop breast cancer when they have a second partner, and women who don’t.

In fact, there is no difference in risk among women who never have sex and those who have more than four sexual partners, although there are a few exceptions to this.

There also seems to be a difference in whether women who get breast cancer have a low-risk partner or a high-risk one.

Women who have three or more sexual partners have a lower than normal risk of dying from the disease, but men who have four or more partners have an elevated risk.

And, there are some other interesting findings.

The highest risk men are also those who are more than 80 per cent white.

This might be because, although the majority of people are white, they also tend to be more likely than non-whites to live in the south-east, which is often more racially diverse.

So men with darker skin may be more at risk of having cancer in other parts of the country, such a the south east.

However, the higher risk men have also tended to be younger, so they may also have lower levels of education and health, so these men may be at higher risk.

For women, the highest risk is for women in their 40s and 50s.

For those who live in or live in areas with higher than average levels of unemployment, this risk increases as the person ages, meaning that it is more likely that a person in their early 40s will have cancer.

These statistics suggest that the UK’s high level of sexual activity, particularly in sexual relationships, is a cause of the increase in cancer.

And the most alarming finding of all is that women who do not have a sexual partner have significantly lower rates of cancer.

There’s a lot of research out there showing that a lack of sexual pleasure and sex without a partner can have very serious health consequences.

The research suggests that for most people, the health consequences of cancer are far less severe than for people with cancer.

For instance, the risk of bowel cancer, which has been shown to be associated with a high level and frequency of sexual intercourse, is reduced by more than 50 per cent when people abstain from sex, compared with people who have cancer or other cancers.

The report notes that sexual activities, and especially those involving multiple partners, may be very harmful to the health of both men and women.

This is especially true for the many people who do have a partner, but who are not sexually active, such that the risk for cancer is much lower.

And this is especially

How to read basic health info in your grocery store

I’ve been trying to learn how to read information in grocery stores for the last month.

And while I’m a food writer and a nutritionist by trade, I can tell you that the basics of reading food in grocery store terms are not that simple.

I found that it’s best to read a lot of information at once, and I’ll do that on my phone.

If you’re in a grocery store and want to order a cup of coffee, try scrolling through the menu, then clicking the coffee icon next to the milk and the ingredients in the menu bar.

Then click the drink icon and select the coffee.

When you’re done, click the milk icon and it’ll give you the ingredients.

Then, just type in what you want and the information will appear.

You can also read more information about the product by clicking on the info icon.

You’ll get the information in a single menu bar, just like you would in a regular grocery store.

Here are some tips for reading food at a glance.

You can also add information like the price or nutrition information to your shopping cart by using the menu button.

I also added information to my shopping cart, and the shopping cart bar is where I save my purchases.

Here’s the basic menu bar in my grocery store:You can read the information you want by typing it into the box below the item, then scrolling through your options.

For example, here are the ingredients:Here are the items that are listed on the milk bar:This is the milk, listed by the ingredient:This coffee is listed by its color, color and caffeine content:And the milk is listed as a coffee by the name:The coffee is coffee and the milk as milk:Now, go back to your cart and click the coffee and milk icons in the same order as they appear in the grocery store menu.

You may need to do this before you can continue.

Here’s how to do that:The milk bar, on the other hand, is a single line item:You’ll find more information on nutrition in the next section.

Next, go to your items and you’ll see the milk items listed next to each other.

You should see the coffee listed in the box next to it.

You also will see the ingredients listed next, as if they were items on the cart.

Here is the coffee bar and the ingredient list:If you’re looking for the information on the ingredients, click on the ingredient and you should see all the information for the ingredients on the left side of the page.

The milk and ingredients are all in the list on the right side of your page.

You’re going to see the information about each ingredient on the top of the milk page, and you can click on each ingredient and it will pop up a list of all the relevant information for that ingredient.

For the milk ingredients, you’ll find a section that shows the ingredients and the calories in each.

The information is listed in this list on your left side:The information about a particular ingredient is listed on your right side:You should see a list next to that ingredient that looks like this:Here’s an example of a list on a page:This means the information is visible and the list is sorted alphabetically.

But, the list still isn’t a complete list.

The information you see is just what the information listed in that ingredient’s information bar looks like.

And this is where things get tricky.

You’ll notice in the above example that I’ve left the caffeine and sugar information blank.

In fact, that is what most grocery stores do when you click on an ingredient.

They don’t include any information about caffeine or sugar.

But they do include the caffeine or sugars in the ingredient name, so you’ll get a list with that information.

So here is what you’re going for:You’ve just added caffeine and sugars to the ingredients bar, but you don’t have the information required to read the ingredients as they are listed in your shopping basket.

You’ve got to go to the product details page and find the ingredient’s ingredient list.

Here it is, on a product page:In addition to listing the ingredients of the coffee, milk and coffee bar, the information page also has information about what you can add to your order, which will help you make sure you get what you order.

For example, you can enter the calories of the beans into the “calories per cup” column.

The beans listed for the coffee are beans from a large farm that produce coffee, so the beans in the milk will be from a farm that produces more beans, so that makes two different coffee beans, and so on.

You see that you can see that the beans are from two different farms.

You need to add a “calorie” to your coffee order.

Here is how you do that.

When you’re ordering a cup, the coffee is brewed, then the beans go through a series of steps.

The first step is to heat the coffee until

Texas lawmakers look to expand Medicaid coverage for children

Health care reform is in the works in Texas, and lawmakers are poised to roll back the state’s public health insurance program.

In fact, Gov.

Greg Abbott has already announced that he wants to repeal Medicaid expansion.

But it’s not just a matter of repealing the Medicaid expansion that will hurt the state economically.

The new law would also have a major impact on children, and that’s exactly what the Texas Health and Human Services Commission is looking to do with its upcoming budget.

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